Wild Succulent Woman Cups

STrevethick ceramic
Stephen Trevethick is a Ceramic Artist who has been ‘playing with clay’ for 40 years. He lives near the Village of The Channon in the Byron Hinterland with partner Anna and a menagerie of animals.

Following on from his successful ‘Scape’ Series of Vessels in 2013, Stephen is excited to present his 2014 Series ‘Pieces n Bits’ .

Each ‘piece’ is wheel thrown, distorted and individually embellished with ‘bits’ at the Artist’s discretion. Linework, surfaces, layers of colour and engobes are added prior to each of the two firings to create the abstract pieces.

Stephen draws inspiration from a wide range of artists such as Picasso & Paul Klee and fellow Australian artists, Peter Griffen and Ian Fairweather. His work is playful in nature and created totally in the moment. He hopes you get as much pleasure from it as he has in the creating. Enjoy!