Perfume Bottle

AUssher Glass
From an early age Alan has had an interest in art and music, and in 2000, was invited to begin lampworking by his late friend Marcel Le Bars at Barkersvale NSW.

Alan was accepted into the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme in 2002 and later sought private tuition with Peter Minson, who comes from a family of scientific glassblowers.
Since that time, Alan has engaged in years of practice and research in contemporary flameworking.

Flameworking is a style of glassblowing whereby glass tube and rods are melted and manipulated in the flame of a bench torch.

In 2007 Alan was invited to be a part of the annual “Glass on Flame” exhibition at Kirra Gallery in Melbourne, which is an annual exhibition of Australia’s finest lampworkers. Alan participated in a series of public demonstrations there and also attended and demonstrated there in 2008 and 2009. There Alan has demonstrated and exchanged skills alongside other experienced glassblowers such as Christian Arnold, Mark Elliot, Bernie Stoner, Raymond Mifsud, Pauline Delainey, Cas Davey, Richard Clements, Matthew Farrell and Peter Minson.

‘I place a lot of emphasis on creating work that is of high quality. Many years of practice and research have brought me to where I am now, though I feel as though I am only just getting started in this medium. New designs are continuously emerging, and I feel very happy to be immersed in such a challenging, versatile, beautiful and exciting medium.
I have begun turning my attention toward more sculptural work of late, and have begun engaging in studies of anatomical forms.