MFarell Glass
When I sculpt in glass I attempt to allow it , its “original liquidity”. Simply by providing the environmental factors that cause it to behave in ways which resembles the interaction of the matter in the natural world.
Energy constantly in flux and changing state, in what sometimes seems in a random and chaotic fashion.
During this process I feel an obligation to draw together the abstract patterns which emerge into groupings which my rational mind can grasp.
To arrive at this point, it is necessary for me to remove my “self” from the equation as much as possible, relying on my intuitive experience with my chosen medium.
Yet beyond this point,concepts, both abstract and personal bubble to the surface, and if my focus has been acutely maintained, a dialogue occurs.
This is the reward of my efforts, which are considerable, the object itself almost exists as a by -product, a physical artifact, of a moment in time engaged with a part of myself which I can access through no other pathway.
Put simply, creating with glass, is my daily devotion to something I am unable to name.