This is a selection of Trudi's Dichroic Jewellery

Dichroic Pendants

Christine Robinson Art
‘Dichroic’ glass is fired in the kiln with 770 degrees and you never know exactly what’s
coming out. So each piece is unique and this are ideas and samples only.

Average pendant size is 2cm x 5cm. They come with sterling silver fittings and rubber necklace. sterling silver necklaces are available. Ear studs are around 10mm with sterling silver studs and butterflies

Dichroic glass is a multi layer coating placed on glass using a highly technical vacum deposition process. The coating is made out of vaporised metal oxides and quartz crystals.
The coating has as many as 30 to 40 layers, yet the thickness of the total coating is only 35 millionth of an inch, and is very similar to a gemstone.