This is only a small selection of Wolfgangs work, there is more in the Gallery

Salad Server

Wolfgang Schulze
Trained by a master craftsman in Germany, Wolfgang continues the ancient tradition of carving each of his original designs out of pewter by hand. He makes a mould and casts limited editions, continuously creating new designs. Each piece is then individually hand finished by Wolfgang to create the final piece of art. He owes his success over the past 40 years to his dedication in creating new designs using his incredible gift. All of Wolfgang's designs are made from non-toxic, lead free Australian pewter. Using a mixture of silver, tin and bismuth. Giving his products more of a silver finish than traditional pewter products.
Please be aware that because each piece is hand finished they will appear that way. Not all designs are exactly alike and will have some slight differences in finish.

Caring for pewter is relatively easy. The metal is susceptible to damage by acids, so it should always be promptly washed with gentle soap and warm water if it has been exposed to things like vinegar or lemon juice. It should be washed with a sponge or soft cloth to avoid scratching the metal, and dried thoroughly. Pewter can also be cleaned with specialised polish, although people should not use generic metal polish on pewter, as it can damage the metal.