Lunar Love

Christine Robinson Art
Visiting childhood can be likened to viewing the world through a kaleidoscope.  Colours are brighter, patterns form and reform, all is sophistication yet all is naive, but nothing remains the same. 
We can never go back to the same place twice.  The only constant is change.  All things are possible yet all is mystery.
My formal training was at the South Australian School of Art where I obtained a BA in Visual Art. 
Originally from Adelaide, I arrived in the Tweed Valley in the year 2000, a place where I felt anything was possible.  Here I made my home. 
My work, since living in the Tweed Valley, is a reflection of my life.  I live on a hill amongst the trees and birds with my husband and three amazing cats. 
Mostly, the work is intuitive.  There are several recurring symbols which inhabit the paintings, cats, flowers, birds, trees, teapots and houses.  Each of the symbols used, although universal, signify specific aspects of my life.
The child in me just wants to play