Cuddle Tree

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Laila Page graduated from the Farnham Institute of Art and Design, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons, 1st) in 2000.
Her sculptural work at that time involved the creation of mixed media ‘entities’ combining metal, resin, glass and organic materials. She also worked in set design and film editing.
Laila worked as a ceramics studio assistant for Kate Malone from 2002, in France and London. Her work involved creating densely textured surfaces covering pots and other functional objects. Laila was credited as a co-designer for Kate Malone’s ‘Wall of a Thousand Stories’ installation in Brighton Library, which won Best Public Project in the UK in 2006.
Moving from France to Australia in 2008, Laila took time off producing work to care for her two young children in the Northern Rivers, NSW. She resumed producing work in early 2012.
Laila’s works involve stylised ceramic figures with a variety of textured and glazed surfaces. Serious yet playful, these works draw on influences from nature, sacred art and the artist’s own personal experience.
Laila’s work has been exhibited in both Australia and Europe.