Forest for the Trees

Christine Robinson Art
Poetry plays a major role in my art practice, embedding words, either the whole poem, or parts thereof, into my artwork. Sometimes hidden or obscured, perhaps a reflection of where I’ve been, where I would like to visit, where I would like to guide others. My artistic narrative.

I am a "process worker", learning and creating from a "painterly" continuous process, letting the brush, palette knife, paint, textures, layering, scratching back, over-painting, sculpting by adding beads or objects, tearing, sewing and collage form the finished painting. Excited by the richness of texture, colour, light and movement, I endeavour to create works that don’t state the obvious, but by doing so, somehow state the obvious. I tend to "hide" a lot of memories and ideals inside my art, reflections of the past or what is currently affecting me in the outside world. A statement of existence. A measure of time. A foothold in the now.

I love to breathe life into a painting, hoping to inspire the viewer to spend a little longer in front of one of my works. An emotional endeavour to create a visual that in turn creates an emotion. I aspire to be a communicator. I hope to make a difference.