Driftwood in Sandstone Boulders

Christine Robinson Art
I am a self taught artist whose exploration into visual arts has been a life time preoccupation but now, free from the pressures of full time employment I find myself able to apply time and energy to my passion. It is definitely a pleasurable challenge.

My subjects have always been subordinate to the process of painting. I have been more interested in the how rather that the why of painting. It seems to me the pure pleasure of a well executed painting is reason enough.

I draw my subjects directly from the world around me, from my windows, my wanderings, the natural and man-made environments, from still-life to vast vistas, back streets and old sheds, whatever catches my eye.

To me art is a conscious expression of experience, a communication of discoveries, and understandings. What I learn from the experience of painting and exhibiting helps determine the direction of future works.